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The production of standard and high performance tools is based on the knowledge of the unity of processes between machine, raw material and tool system.

POWER TOOLS manufactures standard and high performance tools for the highest quality and performance in the processing of raw material. Our high performance tools, which are mainly used in the meat and food industry, are produced on the baisis of our own scientific and profound testing.

To solve these tasks, tools in standard sizes of 100 mm up to 600 mm in diamter are available. We offer separating systems for the refinement of raw material in different designs with dimensions ranging from 100 mm up to 300 mm.    

Innovations are the company´s strong point, especially in view of the production of high performance cutting tools for shredding machines based on the meat grinding systems. Hereby our new products often exceed the performance and service life of previous standard tools up to 100 percent, they go easy on the raw material and at the same time improve the quality of the final product.

In addition to the existing product range we are constantly developing new and better tools for our own production programme deriving from scientific knowledge and solid test results. This procedure is based on a long standing cooperation with the company INOFEX, who has done profound research in the field of tools and machines for over 40 years.

You also find POWER TOOLS cutting tools in the renewable raw material industry and in biogas and fibre technology.

Shaping the future with experience and innovations …